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As a passionate changemaker I help investors, organizations and purpose-driven entrepreneurs in shaping and implementing their Impact, sustainability, and business strategies, from roadmaps to Impact KPIs, from Theory of Change to fundraising, to solve some of the biggest challenges of our times.

My Approach to Impact and Innovation


Concepts like ESG, Sustainability, SDGs, Impact investing are now getting to the headlines of mainstream news magazines, even if not everyone knows what needs to be done in concrete to achieve the desired change.

We have most of the technology, knowledge, and capital to solve our times’ biggest challenges, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs can be the driving force to achieve the transformations we need.

Entrepreneurship, and to be more specific, venture founders, can represent the engine of this change for the next decade. Venture Capital is on the rise for Impact Tech startups: the combination of Purpose, smart money and technology is unleashing the potential for a new renaissance.


My Mission Statement

I dedicated the last two decades of my life to technology, purpose-driven organization and  entrepreneurs: I faced innovation and startups from all the angles, having been a founder, an accelerator lead, an investor, and member of public and private initiatives. 

Technology has proven to be effective in addressing global challenges, but only if we understand its application to specific domains and industries, generating business solutions with a focus on both profit and purpose, boosting environmental and social Impact as well as financial returns.

This is where I am committed to, enabling Purpose-driven entrepreneurs to receive and use to scale the resources they need, and helping Investors and organizations to find and nurture the solutions matching their Vision. 

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